Sunday, January 28, 2007

Point - Counterpoint

The grapevine is that some officials and politicians brought up the issue that since Orissa is being given NISER, the IIT should go to another state and as a result the initial decision to have a new IIT in Orissa, which was announced by the Union minister of state for HRD MAA Fatmi on 28-8-06, was changed.

If indeed such a logic was used, Orissans should illustrate the following faults with that logic:
  1. NISER is funded by Dept. of Atomic Energy, not by MHRD. If one were to take into accounts other institutes that are not funded by MHRD with respect to Orissa then one must take into account this for the other states too.
    1. For example, Bihar and Andhra Pradesh each will have a new NIPER (National Institute of Pharmaceutical Education and Research) like institute that are being established by the Ministry of fertilizer and Chemicals. The other states where these institutes will be established are Gujarat and West Bengal.
    2. Similarly, Indian Institute of Public Health have been proposed to be established in Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh, UP, Delhi, Punjab, Gujarat and West Bengal.
  2. In 2006 two institutes of Andhra Pradesh (Osmania University College of engineerin and Andhra University College of Engineering) and three others (IT-BHU, CUSAT, BESU) were shortlisted for upgradation to IIT cousin status and were designated to be called IIEST (Indian Institute of Engineerin Science and Technology.)
  3. Needless to say, we are happy when new institutes are established in Bihar, Andhra Pradesh and for that matter any other state of India. But why must Orissa be at the receiving end all the time? Why must MHRD and planning commissions buy faulty logic given by others to deprive Orissa of MHRD institutes ?

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