Sunday, February 18, 2007

Orissa TV: Center’s decision unfortunate - Naveen

Perhaps due to the elections the visit of HRD secretary, his confirmation regarding the IIT not being in Orissa and the CM's comment had gotten lost. Following is a news report from Orissa TV. It also has a video clip on the issue.

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Center’s decision unfortunate: Naveen
[ Click here for Video ]

Bhubaneswar: People of Orissa came to know on 6th February that the Centre had belied its promise to set up an IIT in the state. On that day the secretary of HRD ministry confirmed that there was no plan of the union government to set up the IIT in Orissa. Various organizations have decided to launch agitation against the decision of the Union government. Congress, the main opposition party has said that the demand of state to have an IIT is genuine. However, it has blamed the style of functioning of the state government for such failure. Though many aspects depend on the style of presenting a demand before the center, the Chief Minister is clear on this issue. Time and again the state government has put its demand for IIT. And all the times the Centre has rejected with some plea or the other. It is expected that at least for the sake of state’s interest, all political parties should stand united.

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