Monday, February 19, 2007

Sudarsan Das of Agami Orissa appeals

Dear Friends,

In the earlier occasion NIS was promised to us and subsequently shifted to
elsewhere. It was due to consistent campaign and continuous public action at different level we could get back the institute in the form of NISER. This time it is IIT. 2 IITs were promised to us(Orissa) and now it is denied. Many of our friends have started raising the issue in different forms. Many a friends have sent memorandum to Prime Minister, President of India, Mrs Sonia Gandhi etc, protesting against the Central Govt's move of shifting the IITs from Orissa.Protest is being registered in media against this move also.

But what is needed most now is public action in different forms. Agami
Odisha's core team met on 17th Feb to discuss about the possible public actions that could be initiated at this point of time. Some of the proposals came up in the discussion were, Holding citizen's convention(8th March), organising students convention, torch light procession, march to Governor House and finally holding mass rally at Delhi in front of Parliament.This will be the first phase of movement which also include meeting with the MLAs/MPs and requesting them to take up the issue, meeting the media and requesting them to create broader public opinion in favour of the movement, initiating the process of protest at regional level etc.
To finalise the details of the first phase of the movement we have convened a meeting on 26th Feb to which persons associated with different organisations/networks would also be invited.You are also requested to join the meeting.If you have any new ideas pertaining to this movement you may please share with us so that we can discuss them on 26th Feb. In solidarity with the movement for IIT in Orissa.

Sudarsan Das

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