Sunday, April 8, 2007

Lalit Patnaik's impression on the rally

Sudersan Das third from the left.

MP Baijayanta Panda holding the banner from the right.

Budhia singh leading the rally.

BC Praharaj,Ashok Rath,SK Mohanty,Nadia Kanungo,Lalit Pattnaik,Prafulla Kar,Baijayant Panda,Nandanandan Das,DKRay

MP Archana Nayak and Singer Prafulla Kar.

The rally was a grand success, because it has really evoked very positive response among BUDHIJIBI and Students. The Budhijibi assembled just in time i.e. 8.30 a.m sharp . The rally progressed by 9 a.m. Can you believe the punctuality of Budhijibi in Odisha.

But it happened( Not a political rally). Around 200 to 250 Budhijibi were present during the start and procession reached Governor's house by 9.30 a.m. by then there were around 400 people. The Police officer said the appointment was at 11 a.m. and why you are early.

A meeting was conducted and people addresed and were introduced to different personalities and each other. TV interview took place. The youth were allowed to speak more. The Memorandum was handed over to Secy to Governor as he could not return from Andhra but however another
meeting promised

The purpose has been achieved. OTV and national NDTV have already covered our IIT demand in it's prime broadcast at 8 p.m. Let
us hope best from the print media tomorrow. You will be able to know from the print media in detail. Please find some pic. attached.

Lalit pattnaik

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