Saturday, May 26, 2007

PM to visit Orissa again soon: we need to act fast

Dear all:

Pragativadi reports :

"PM to visit Orissa Bhubaneswar: Prime minister Dr Manmohan Singh
has agreed to visit Orissa soon. The consent of the prime minister
came during his meeting with the OPCC president Jayadev Jena in New
Delhi on Thursday. At the meeting, Jena requested Singh to visit
Orissa shortly and review several ongoing Centrally-sponsored
welfare programmes in the state to which the latter agreed."

There was a similar report about minister Chandrasekhar Sahu meeting
the PM and the PM agreeing to come to Orissa and that he may announce some
new institutes. (See

Chandrasekhar babu's contact: ?page=73&individualname=&rowcount=1

This reminds me of last year when there was similar news. At that time we
made it clear to Orissa Congress and the PM that they can not give Orissa
an inferior institute instead of the NIS/IISER. Perhaps that had some bearing on the PM explicitly stating that NISER will be at par with an IISER.

We need to do the same thing now. We need to convey to the Orissa Congress and the PM that we are not stupid and gullible. We will not be swayed by losing an IIT of 1000-4000 crores and getting some other institute worth 5 crore.

Whatever institutes the PM declares in Orissa, at least one of them
must be at par with an IIT. Otherwise, it will be clear to us what the PM and Orissa congress think of Oriyas: as stupid people and coolies. The people of Orissa will not take such label kindly and Congress will then have to pay for it during future elections.

My appeal: Please use whatever means to convey this to the PM and Orissa Congress biggies.

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