Tuesday, March 20, 2007

agami Orissa convention on March 18th

Agami Odisha Convention on establishment of IIT and IIM

A Peoples Convention organized by Agami Odisha on 18th March in the Political Science Lecture Theater of Utkal University. It was remarkable in reflecting total unanimity of views of wide cross section of the civil society in joining and in extending support to the Movement for establishment of IIT, IIM and other institutes of higher learning in Orissa by the Central Government.

At the outset , Sudarshan spoke about plan,program and perspectve of Agami Odisha and Santosh Tripathy read over the proposed Plan of Acton.

In addition to the focused issue of the day, the Convention reflected a
groundswell of opinion for movement on flagrant and persistent discrimination against Orissa in decisions of the Central Government on economic and social development issues. The issues highlighted in Appeal for Convention issued under signature of 45 intellectuals and social acivists were discussed in the background of a base paper circulated by Santosh Tripathy on behalf of Agami Odisha. The range of emotions for furthering economic and social development of Orissa varied from impassioned plea based on cold logic to oration of nationalistic fervour spitting fire..Those who spoke included Panchanan Kanungo,
Baijayanta Panda, Jagadananda, Sahadeb Sahoo, Jatish Chandra Mohanty,
Chandraprava Pattanayak, Prativa Das, Madhusudan Dash, Adwaita Charan Hota, Anita Ray, Prasanta Paikray,Sangram Mishra,Namita Das, Pranab Prakash Sahu, Ajit Das , Subash Das, Kasturi Mohapatra, and Dhiren Roy.

Program of Action red over by Santosh Tritathy was endorsed by all. It was
assured on behalf of AO to progressively take up other issues responsible for the ennui pervading the state,the abysmal inefficiency in the Government and the ignominious state of socio economic development.

Agami Odisha pledges to be an unremitting catalytic agent for the progresss and all round development of Orissans . To all those who attended the Convention and those who did not attend we implore all to join the bandwagon. Do join the various phases of activity as per the Program of Action.

Dhirendra K Roy
For and On behalf Of Agami Odisha

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