Saturday, March 24, 2007

IIT issue raised by Orissa MPs in the parliament

Dharitri (page1, page 2, page 3, page4, page5, page6, page7) has a nice summary of the various issues raised by Orissa's MPs in the just concluded first phase of the budget session of the parliament. It shows that various MPs raised the IIT in Orissa issue and MHRD's discrimination against Orissa. In particular:
  • BJD and BJP MPs gave a notice in the Lok Sabha on this issue, and received acknowledgement from the speaker, but it did not get a chance to be included in the Lok Sabha proceedings. (page1) We hope that they insist that it gets included in the second phase of the parliament session.
  • Lok Sabha: MP Mr. Swain raised the IIT issue. (page2)
  • Lok Sabha: MP Mr. Dharmendra Pradhan raised the IIT issue as well as how MHRD spends much lower in Orissa than in other places. (page3)
  • Lok Sabha: MP Ms. Archana Nayak raised the IIT issue. (page6)
  • Rajya Sabha: MP Mr. Pyarimohan Patnaik raised the IIT issue. (page2)
  • Rajya Sabha: MP Mr. Rudranarayan Pani raised the IIT issue. (page 7)
However none of the above was in an impactful manner like last year. We hope that in the second phase of the budget session, which starts on April 26th, the Orissa MPs will raise it in a more vocal and more impactful manner.

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