Thursday, March 1, 2007

Agami Orissa's agenda for Action

Dear Friends,

Recently we at Agamee Odisha had two rounds of preparatory meetings (on 26th and 28th Feb) on IIT- movement, of intellectuals, students, professionals, activists and Representatives of mass organisations, net work organisations, NGOs etc. These two meetings were well attended and one of the remarkable features of the meetings was that many important dignitaries attended the meetings and conveyed their solidarity to the movement for IIT in Orissa. In these two meetings the agenda of the first phase of movement has been finalised which are as below-

1) On 11th of March, there will be a Citizen's Convention at Bhubaneswar
(Probably at Utkal University Auditorium, or to be finalised shortly) to which representatives of various mass organisations, Political Parties, Net Work organisations, NGOs, Student Organisations, employees organisations etc besides intellectuals, artists, academicians etc. For this 10,000 leaflets will be printed and distributed for awareness generation. A booklet will also be printed which will be the base paper for discussion in the convention. A target of mobilizing 500 participants has been fixed.

2) There will be a student convention, the date of which will be announced in the convention. All student organisations, college union leaders will be invited to this "All Orissa Students Convention".

3) A torch light procession has been planned during the Assembly Session to attract the attention of the house on the demand.

4) There will be a "March to Governor House" by intellectuals, artists,
academicians and other general public who will meet the His Excellency the Governor of Orissa through whom the memorandum to the Central Govt will be sent.

5) Effort will be taken to meet and request the MLAs, Leader of the
Opposition, Speaker of the Assembly and CM for an all party resolution in favour of the demand for IIT in Orissa.

6) MPs of Orissa will be contacted to take up the issue in Parliament.

7)Post card campaign will be undertaken at various places of the state and on a particular date these post cards will be sent to the PMO office with denad "We want IIT in Orissa".

8)The culmination of all these movements will be in the form of a mass dharana infront of Parliament in the month of April, during the second phase of the Budget Sesion of the Parliament.

This is the first phase of the movement during which there is also plan to
take it to various districts and other places like we did during the NIS
movement. A tentative budget has been finalised for this which amounts to Rs.1 lac, the detals break up will be posted later on.
We appeal to memebrs of this group and to those who are in soliderity with the demand for IIT in Orissa to come forward in favour of this movement and provide suport in terms of phisical presence during the programme, taking forward the campaign and organise different programmes relating to the movement, writting letters to appropriate authority, financially contributing to meet the expences for the programmes etc. In soliderity with movement for making "Another Orissa Possible".

Sudarsan Das

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