Sunday, March 18, 2007

Kalinga Times on the March 18 intellectuals meeting on IIT and other issues

Orissa activists to question Central Government

KalingaTimes Correspondent

Bhubaneswar: A large number of social activists, academicians and politicians of Orissa on Sunday gathered came together to demand a better deal for the State from the Congress-led United Progressive Alliance Government at the Centre.

At a meeting held at Utkal University here, the activists criticised the Centre for its alleged neglect of the State and demanded setting up of a greenfield Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), an Indian Institute of Management and a Central University in the State.

The meeting also resolved that the demands will be highlighted at a demonstration to be held in New Delhi next month. Apart from about 1000 people halining from different walks of life, the Members of Parliament from the State will also participate in the dharna.

Before the New Delhi dharna, those supporting the demands will take out a rally in Bhubaneswar and hand over a memorandum to Governor Rameshwar Thakur complaining about the Centre's neglect of the cause of Orissa.

Those who spoke at the meeting severely criticised the UPA Government for ignoring Orissa's cause while setting up of branches of various Central Government-run institutes in the Orissa.

They warned that the movement against the Centre's neglect of Orissa, particularly in the context of setting up of institutes of higher learning, will continue till the UPA government favorably considered the issues nvolved.

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