Thursday, March 1, 2007

Agami Orissa's meeting on Feb 28th

Dear Friends,

On 28th Feb'07 around 25 Heads of Mass Organisation in Orissa attended the preparatory meeting for the Grand-Citizen meeting regarding IIT
and IIEST issue on 11 th March 2007. Prominent citizens of Orissa Like Shree Prafulla Kar( Top Oriya singer), Er Nadanadan das, Ex-Works secy, Sri Gopal Mohanty ( NRO), Shree Bimalendu Mohanty, an Ex Vice Chancellor, Shree Jatish Mohanty, an ex Prinicipal Secretary, Er Bimal Mishra, a prominent engineer and social worker, Shree Jagannath Chaterjee, a prominent social activist, Shree Dipti Pattnaik, a prominent Vashabit, Mrs Kasturi, an emminent social reformer, Shree Bibhuti
Mohanty, a prominent "A" Class contractor and Ex- President(1978) vani vihar, Er Jaga Panda, Sr. engineer GRIDCO, Shree Kamalakanta dash, a Senior Lawyer in High court, Er Saty Panda, Sr manager Coal India, and many more attended the preparetory meeting at our one day notice-invitation. This certainly speaks volumes of our concerned for Orissa. The most important thing is all of them left other scheduled
programmes and came dot in time at 6.30 pm. During the meeting all of them spoke and one by one pledged their full support to the movement
whole heartedly and will arrive with their supporters, friends and collegues on 11 th March Citizen meeting for the said cause.

The organizer's and mass leaders, who have missed the preparatory meeting have another opportunity to place their thought to the august
committee on 8th March'07 at Faculty club at 6.30pm. 8th march will be the last meeting before the Mega- Meeting on 11 the march.
So, we will request all of you, on behalf of AGAMI ODISHA, to attend the 8th meeting and to catch the changing wind of Orissa and have a say in
the societal work.

Wishing you all a happy Holi and after Holi we meet with more vigor and commitment.

Sudersan das , VicePresident,
Santosh tripathy, Gen. Secy.
Supriti Mishra, Tresurer &
Lalit Mohan Pattnaik, Working President


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